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Great to see examples of @OPCW - @IUPAC cooperation on the big screen at @IUPAC2019Paris @iupac2019.

...describes a computational chemistry study meant to assess the applicability of computer-generated models of cellular targets to the identification of chemicals that can modulate their functioning for pharmaceutical purposes. @AUResearch @AUcollege

The article, entitled "Influence of the Structural Accuracy of Homology Models on Their Applicability to Docking-Based Virtual Screening: The β2 Adrenergic Receptor as a Case Study,"... @AUResearch @AUcollege

#TodayInHistory (1899): The Hague Convention was signed - the first multilateral treaty that addressed the conduct of warfare. Learn more:

@gregkoblentz @iridium_tea Sounds like the chemical found by the DAT was methylphosphonic acid (MPA), which is indeed a Schedule 2.B.04 chemical and a primary hydrolysis product of sarin, soman, and VX.

The NTP's systematic review & evaluation of evidence for long-term neurological damage from human, experimental animal or mechanistic studies after acute non-lethal exposure.

Sweden has granted a further contribution of approx € 190,000 to the @OPCW Trust Fund for #Syria Missions, incl. to identification of perpetrators of chemical weapons use. #opcw @SweMFA

#SummerSolstice 2019 at @AmericanU with the new Hall of Science under construction

Generation of equine-derived antibodies for post-exposure treatment of ricin intoxications by vaccination with monomerized ricin. From @Toxins_MDPI

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