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Congrats to Tanzania for depositing its instrument of ratification #1972BWC! We look forward to working with you to strengthen the BWC, one of the pillars of the global regime against the proliferation of WMD.

Synthesis of multi‐Functionalized N–Cl hydantoin polyurethane for chemical warfare agent decomposition

Advances in detection of hazardous organophosphorus compounds using organophosphorus hydrolase biosensors

Update on @TerrorismPolice #Salisbury investigation

Forensic tests have formally confirmed traces of Novichok were in a blood sample taken at the time from a second Wiltshire Police officer.

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Russian media reports the country's defence ministry says two people have been killed and six others have been injured after an explosion during the testing of a missile engine unit in northern Russia adding radiation levels are normal and no harmful substances have been released

Mustard-DB: a database for molecular, cellular, and clinical signatures of Mustard Agent complications

#BREAKING: Trump imposes new sanctions on Russia over chemical weapons use

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